1. La place du Capitole

Place of interest emblematic of the city, the place is located in the historic center of Toulouse. Small peculiarity, this huge place (12 000 m² anyway!) Has no construction. It is only for pedestrians and hosts a large daily market.

2. The Basilica Saint-Sernin

Here are 3 good reasons not to miss it:
  • It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • It is the largest Romanesque building in France
  • High place of pilgrimage, it is part of the road to St Jacques de Compostela

3. Les quais de la Garonne

Another popular tourist site is the edge of the Garonne and its quays. Go to Place Saint-Pierre and enjoy what is for me the most beautiful view of the Garonne, with in the background, the beautiful Dome of the Grave located on the other side of the docks. You can take a good walk along the quays Saint-Pierre, Lucien Lombard and the Daurade to admire the different points of view on the Pont Saint-Pierre and the Pont Neuf, the oldest bridge of Toulouse. In the evening, the docks are also lively and you will find many bars and restaurants to eat.

4. Le Jardin des Plantes

Former botanical garden, created during the French Revolution, it still houses many different species of plants. The garden is considered the green lung of Toulouse. This large public park (free access) allows you to enjoy a nice walk in the cool. The place is quiet and peaceful. Feel free to take your meal to enjoy a romantic picnic at the edge of the water.

5. Have a drink with a stunning view at "Ma biche sur le toit"

I have been pretty lucky to have one of my great friend from Toulouse to show me around.
He has shown me a secret place that I strongly recommend called Ma biche sur le toit (https://www.mabichesurletoit.com/).

Go there, have a drink, enjoy the view and thank me later :)

6. La cathédrale Saint-Etienne de Toulouse

Another religious monument to see in Toulouse is Saint-Etienne cathedral. It is located in the historic center of Toulouse, not far from the Musée des Augustins. Built from the 5th century, it took several centuries before it was completed. It presents a rather unusual exterior facade, a mixture of different styles and different eras.

7. Le quartier Saint-Cyprien

Crossing the Garonne by the Pont Saint-Pierre or Pont Neuf, you will arrive in the Saint-Cyprien district.
The area is a little less known to tourists but there is still a lot to discover.
As you walk, do not miss:
  • Saint-Joseph de la Grave Hospital easily identifiable at its Dome. You have already seen it from the other side and St. Peter's Square.
  • Place Saint-Cyprien and its pink brick buildings
  • the ramparts of Saint-Cyprien, serving to protect the city
  • Port Viguerie, the perfect place to admire the panorama of the monuments of the right bank
  • St. Nicholas Church
  • The water tower
  • The filter meadow, a public garden with a beautiful view of the Pont Neuf
  • Place de l'Estrapade, with its shops and café terraces.

8. Le musée des Augustins

The Musée des Augustins is one of the must-see places to visit in Toulouse. Also known as the "Musée des beaux-arts", it is located in the former monastery of the Augustins, classified as Historic Monuments.
Having opened in 1795, it is considered one of the oldest museums in France.

The museum has an impressive collection of paintings from the 14th to the 19th century and many sculptures from the Romanesque and Gothic period.

9. The Museum of Natural History of Toulouse

I recommend you include the visit of the natural history museum to your program. It would be a shame not to enjoy! It is the second largest museum of its kind in France, just behind Paris. You can discover several exhibitions on the themes of planet Earth, man, fauna and flora or the future.

The Toulouse museum is an ideal activity for families. Everything is well developed, it's fun and very interesting.

10. Attend a rugby match

We finish our top things to do and see in Toulouse, a must in the region: attend a rugby match! And of course, I strongly recommend you to support the local team: Le stade Toulousain whose reputation is second to none. It is the most successful team in France. Dressed in your best red and black clothes, soak up the fabulous atmosphere in the stadium and feel free to give voice. If, for lack of luck, the team does not play during your visit to Toulouse, you can also choose to visit the Ernest-Vallon stadium and discover the locker rooms, lodges, training areas and admire the various trophies won by the team.

11. Where to stay? Get an Airbnb in Carmes!

There is nothing like airbnb.com for getting the full experience of a city and get advices from locals! I have stayed in the Carmes area and would recommend to anyone wanting to visit Toulouse to stay there. It is very well located, warmful, at walking distance from everything and the area is very safe.

If you're lucky, you will make friends and maybe unexpected ones like I did with this cat named Nuage:

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